Tax consultancy in the digital world– online, efficient, transparent

Many tax consultants insist on conservative methods, which are no longer appropriate for today’s world. This is precisely why we are constantly optimizing our processes and working completely digitally and online. We want to be pioneers in our industry and are moving strongly in the direction of paperless offices and artificial intelligence (AI). If you want to use this to optimize your accounting and tax processes as well, we are the right partner for you.

With our partner DATEV, it is easily possible to send us, completely digitally, all receipts, contracts, and invoices. Simply take a picture with your smartphone and we have the document. It can be that simple. Encrypted and compliant with data protection regulations, this simplifies processes enormously and you no longer have to send all invoices by post. This saves valuable time and, of course, costs, too.

This is how it works

Everything you submit digitally is reported to us immediately. This ensures prompt posting and the control of the receipts goes hand in hand with this. In addition, everything is automatically sorted and you can get an overview of all bookings at any time. For you as our client, it is even possible to view the processing progress.

Your provided voucher images are firmly linked to the individual booking records in our accounting program and are stored in this way for at least 10 years in an audit-proof manner by DATEV. Account statements are provided electronically by your bank on DATEV’s online platform.

Furthermore, you will be provided with informative business evaluations, controlling reports, and many other evaluations on a monthly basis, which you can call up on a mobile basis from anywhere in the world in order to monitor the current development and profitability of your company and to intervene at an early stage if necessary.

Digital Consultancy

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Digital Accounting

With our partner DATEV, it is easily possible to send us all receipts, contracts, and invoices completely digitally via Unternehmen Online and Upload Online.

Remote support online

Using the remote support online tool, we can connect to your screen at any time and help you effortlessly with technical questions and the use of Datev programs.

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